A Global Study of the Drivers of a Sucessful Online Experience

According to the 2nd Annual Connected Customers Report, brand loyalty can be won or lost in 76 seconds.

With 20% of consumers spending half or more of their expenditure online, providing the "connected customer" with a digital experience has never been more critical.

LivePerson’s latest report A Global Study of the Drivers of a Successful Online Experience gleans insight into four major themes in defining a successful online experience:

  • Room for improvement - Consumers are quick to look elsewhere when they feel that expectations are not being met
  • Brand trust and loyalty - Every interaction with a brand is a defining moment – it can either drive customer loyalty, or on the contrary, lead to abandonment to a competitor
  • Speed and efficiency - The window of expectation for timely assistance is growing narrower
  • Moments that matter most - While consumers are growing increasingly adept and self-sufficient online, identifying the key moments where they may require support during their digital journey is proving to be essential