B2C Customer Experience in the B2B Market

Gerald Clarke: Hello everyone and welcome to this IQPC podcast. I'm Gerald Clarke, Editor of IQPC. Today I'm joined by Jan Holm, Director of Online Business at Laerdal Medical. Jan, it's a pleasure to have you here.

Jan Holm: Thank you.

Clarke: Jan, could you introduce yourself and give us a little bit of detail about what your role involves at Laerdal Medical?

Holm: I certainly will. I joined Laerdal back in 2007 as the Corporate Marketing and Communication Director and I've been building up a strong market presence globally within our niche business, which is acute medicine care. My role has been containing multiple areas of execution. I think the, to pick a few of the top ones would be our strong brand, Laerdal. Laerdal is within our business the leading company worldwide within acute medicine and resuscitation. And maintaining and building and growing the, our brand exposures, has been incredibly important to us and build that story.