Call Center IQ Presents: 2014 Executive Report on the Customer Experience

According to Call Center IQ’s annual Customer Experience Survey, today’s organizations consider customer satisfaction—not operational efficiency or even revenue generation—the most fundamental objective of the call center.

But thought and action are different things. To achieve the customer satisfaction they seek, businesses will have to demonstrate an action plan consistent not only with what customers require but with what they desire.

Constructed from the aforementioned Customer Experience Survey and supplemented with analysis from a panel of customer service thought leaders, Call Center IQ’s Executive Report on the Customer Experience: Driving Customer Satisfaction from the Call Center, works to uncover and evaluate that action plan.

After revealing how businesses are currently performing, the free report then reveals business' plans of action. Which metrics will they use? On which elements of the customer experience will they focus? Which "best practices" will they implement to improve those customer experience elements? Which buzzworthy technologies and strategies will they continue to ignore?

Get those answers--and more insight--by downloading the free report below!