CCIQ Presents: 2015 Executive Report on the Customer Experience

At the end of the day, two things stand true about the customer experience: 1) It is experienced by customers. 2) It is created by businesses.

Those realities naturally raise the question: can we develop a truly customer-centric experience? Can we refrain from imposing business needs and objectives on customers?

Call Center IQ's 2015 Executive Report on the Customer Experience helps answer this question..

Driven by exclusive marketplace research and enhanced by commentary from industry experts, the report works to understand customer experience objectives, benchmark existing performance, identify challenges and uncover pathways to improvement.

Key focuses:

  • What is the ultimate customer experience objective? Do customers, contact center professionals and C-level executives disagree on that issue?
  • How do businesses acquire the "voice of the customer?" Are they using that to drive performance?
  • What defines a good customer experience interaction? Are businesses delivering?
  • What are the most important customer experience metrics? What metrics can be ignored?
  • How do businesses plan to improve their customer experiences? Which technologies and "best practices" will help?
  • Do mobile and social matter?

Download the complimentary report below.