Frost & Sullivan: Change the Conversation with Proactive Communications

For decades IVR has been the front door to the enterprise. An effective IVR system can contribute significantly to a stellar customer service experience. However, many businesses have ignored these systems and have allowed them to slip into an antiquated state. IVR does not have to be a fading front door to your business. In fact, it can be a vibrant multi-functional component of an omnichannel customer experience.
This Frost and Sullivan white paper ‘From Old School to Next-Gen IVR: Refreshed IVR as the Cornerstone to Optimal Customer Service’ will explore four realities of IVR today:

  • Despite new interaction channels and an overall increase in interactions, people will still call and interact with your IVR.
  • Innovation has changed IVR from old school to a new and powerful channel.
  • Treating your IVR with a set-and-forget mentality equates to poor customer service.
  • Moving to omnichannel engagement and IVR is a crucial part of next-gen IVR and customer experience.