How-To-Guide: Using AI to Personalize the Customer Experience

Kindra Cooper

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Personalizing the customer experience is a task that every organization knows is important, yet, few businesses are willing to strategically deliver. Individualizing the experience is more than firm handshakes and friendly smiles. It requires a robust infrastructure, one able to analyze actionable data and artificial intelligence.

Today’s contact centers and organizations gather far too much customer intel to get away with impersonal service. Attention scarcity means you can’t afford to bombard your customers with irrelevant emails or lose their followership on social media. They’ll churn.

This report will help you change your contact center into a seat of personalization – a value creator that can turn AI into individualized customer experiences.

Topics include:

• 5 Key steps to personalizing the customer experience

• The development of systematic customer profiles.

• How to collect more data through different mediums, reaching consumers on their preferred channels.

• Detailed approaches for collecting feedback.