The Customer Service Balancing Act

Balancing customer service quality and costs is an ongoing battle for most organizations. Superior service means higher labor spend, but shunting customers into long support queues and confusing self-help areas costs companies loyalty and retention. Conventional technologies don't help much: They fragmented, with no unified view of customer interactions. They don't provide fast answers and effective peer-based support, leaving customers frustrated and dissatisfied; and they do nothing to improve retention, knowledge-sharing and overall enablement of service rep teams.

Now there's an alternative that eliminates the conventional cost/quality trade-offs. Jive Customer Service Communities, powered by Jive's social business platform, provide an optimal combination of assisted peer-to-peer support communities, call deflection, selective escalation and productivity - enhancing private collaboration. The result? A combination of reduced call volume and faster resolution times, happier customers and lower costs.