The Link Between Customer Experience and Employee Experience

Organizational focus on customer experience usually falls into one of three Darwinist phases: in the first phase, companies do the profitable thing with a clear view to maximize earnings from a given number of potential customers.

Then, in a second phase, companies establish a customer experience practice, analyze their customers’ journeys and the related pain points and then do the easy thing. In this phase the customer experience function gets to fix the low hanging fruit without basically running into conflict with any of the known conflicting behaviors of the company. In the third phase, the company understands its core values and matches them with their customers’ and employees’ values. This is when companies start to do the right things and authentically overcome some of their own bad behaviors from the past.

We believe that ultimately every company gets the customers and employees they deserve. And this free, in-depth whitepaper explores best practices for driving optimal customer and employee engagement.

By implementing the advice and strategies detailed in this whitepaper, your organization will deserve--and get--infinitely loyal customers and infinitely productive employees.

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