5 Key Findings From The Contact Center Performance & Metrics Study

CCW Digital

CCW Digital recently released its Market Study on Performance & Metrics.

Signposted by the name, the report provides an in-depth look at how organizations are planning to -- and should be planning to -- achieve their key customer experience objectives.

As part of the exploration, the report analyzes findings from CCW Digital's recent survey of customer contact executives.  It subsequently discusses a variety of best practices (all backed by case studies) that can help organizations take action in response to the findings.

There is no way to completely summarize the report in a single article -- and there is no reason to try!  The entire report is available for complimentary download here.

We did, however, want to share some of the findings from the report:

  1. We may be in an “omnichannel revolution,” but a whopping 63% of organizations are not measuring their ability to honor channel preference.
  2. Integrating systems, optimizing knowledge bases and improving voice of the customer strategy are the top priorities for improving performance.
  3. Disconnected, slow and difficult technologies are the greatest sources of agent frustration.
  4. Needing to repeat information, difficult self-service and inaccurate or inconsistent information are the greatest sources of customer frustration.
  5. Organizations believe customer-oriented metrics, one-on-one coaching, and open communication between all seniorities are the hallmarks of a great contact center culture.