Michael Thomas, Social CRM Guru, Cuts Your Contact Center's Costs With

Blake Landau

Michael Thomas, Principal of Effective Engagements, provides Customer Management IQ with just the facts about Social CRM and how you can put it to work for your organization.

In this podcast we address the key aspects of an effective social CRM Strategy and how to get started. Thomas teaches us how we can begin to build a strong foundational strategy and start to break down organizational silos that stop us from serving our customers.

Does your company have good intentions when it comes to managing the customer conversations unfolding online? Intentions are not important when it comes to what Thomas calls "List(S)entimonics," the art of listening effectively to your social audience." Thomas tells us if online conversations are not in a company's direct control, then it is vital to listen to know how and when to leverage the sentiment of those conversations to align your Social CRM strategy. He encourages a careful blend of social media monitoring tools and services can assist you in making sense of the online noise.

Thomas is a well established authority on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Social CRM strategies and best practices. He has spoken at Wharton MBA panels in addition to many other industry events. He is known for his understanding of the Social and Mobile audience and how to engage this group on their terms. Effective Engagements is a Social CRM Consultancy promotional company and Director of Social CRM Strategies with Social Strategy1, a managed social media monitoring and strategy solution. His expertise in CRM and Social Media has given him great insights into Social CRM strategies and assisting companies extend their current CRM strategies to the Social CRM realm. He was named one of the Rockstars of Social CRM by the Social Media Listening Platform solutions Radian6 and serves on their Social CRM Leadership Council.