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Part 1 of the Power Player Panel Series

Blake Landau

In this exclusive panel featuring some of the major power players at Customer Management IQ we address tools to achieve C-level buy in for the call center. These four women, accomplished and famous in their own right, address how you can gain C-level support for your call center if you’ve never had it, or you lost it somewhere along the way.

In this heated debate hear from power players Jo’Ann Alderson, Judy Mckee, Mary Murcott and Emily Yellin. These thought leaders know the world’s strongest call centers have change agents within the executive team. Our panelists, all experts in the call center field, provide results-proven methods for getting your c-suite to see the light.


Jo'Ann Alderson, who has been called the Oprah of her industry, is CEO and Founder of Progressive Communications and author of Connecting in a Faceless World. Technologist and Call Center Futurist Mary Murcott, formerly SVP Technology of Budget Group, joins the panel to speak to the role of technology in the call center. Judy Mckee, author of The Positive Coach Approach, is a trainer and sales consultant who has seen the industry mutate many times over throughout her 35 year career. Lastly, Emily Yellin, journalist and author of Your Call Is (Not That) Important To Us, speaks about her own extensive call center research and the future of the industry.

In this panel we cut to the chase of what it takes to turn your ugly duckling call center into a revenue generating swan. These successful call centers have the support of their leaders, who take the time to actually visit the call center and listen to calls and to customers. These are leaders who know the importance of continuously serving the customer, as well as the call center representatives who support the customer.

Leaders today have forgotten that the importance of the call center includes its potential to act as a branding device, customer relationship building tool, a hotbed for business intelligence and a revenue generating arm of the business. Hear in this power player panel some of the key critical information regarding re-vamping your call center and having the support to do so.