Seasoned Call Center Expert Darryl Flores Offers Tips on Proving ROI for Your Call Center

Blake Landau

With over 16 years in the call center environment, Southwest Business Corporation’s Darryl Flores has had many times when his Senior Management has said "show me." As a result, his experience in developing unique approaches and distinctive metrics to prove the value of the call center is generous. These "show me" opportunities come in to play when asking for staffing, technology and process changes. Further, other divisions within a company’s call center can "show" Senior Management their statistics, which enables support from across the enterprise in meeting goals.

At the upcoming IQPC Call Center Week, Flores will lead an interactive live forum called Showing your Value to Senior Management. Subjects will include: successful presentations to gain buy-in from senior leadership, metrics to better track the value of the call center to the company, how "cross telling" will engage other divisions of the organization to support the call center, identifying unique methods to build a "trusted advisor" relationship between your reps and customers that will generate revenue, as well as other topics that will help prove to leadership that the call center is not a "cost center" but rather a "profit center." In this podcast interview Flores speaks about how his current call center at Southwest Business Corporation differs from his time spent at financial services firm USAA. He also discloses the best way to capture, analyze and distribute customer feedback and why marketing and IT departments need to be involved in this process.