What it Takes to Drive Satisfaction from Your Contact Center

Hype does not have a guaranteed impact on reality, and nowhere is that more evident than in customer management.

The latest research in conjunction with CFI Group’s Contact Center Satisfaction Index reveals that despite insistence from businesses that the customer experience is their top priority, year-over-year customer satisfaction scores have actually declined. It might be the age of the customer, but the day of truly, consistently satisfying the customer has yet to arrive.

In fairness, bad service is not the solitary cause of declining satisfaction. Seasonality in the measurement can skew the data. Evolving customer expectations can impact results.

Stellar, customer-centric service, however, will indeed increase satisfaction. And this exclusive podcast with CFI Group Vice President Terry Redding details the many layers of producing that exemplary service in the contact center.

Topics covered include:

  • What does the data say about how businesses are using their contact centers to drive satisfaction?
  • How are customer expectations changing? What do they really want in the age of the customer? How should contact centers be responding?
  • Which metrics are most relevant for evaluating today’s contact centers? Where should we land on the "efficiency metrics vs. satisfaction metrics" debate?
  • How is the foray into multi-channel impacting the contact center and its ability to satisfy customers?

Listen to the podcast now! And for more on CFI Group and its Contact Center Satisfaction Index, click here.