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Briefing: Bombardier on Monitoring the Customer, Not the Agent

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Anyone can speak endlessly about the challenges of satisfying customers and improving call center operations in today's marketplace.

Only a select few can reveal how to overcome those challenges.

As the community behind Call Center Week, the largest annual forum for customer service professionals, Call Center IQ has unparalleled access to the accomplished, innovative thought leaders who can.

And in our new "Briefing" feature, we extend that access to you!

All developed in conjunction with leading call center executives who have been where you been and have achieved what you hope to achieve, these regular "Briefings" will appear as training documents, illustrative case studies and in-depth interviews.

We begin with a piece guided by Bombardier Aerospace.


Quality monitoring is far from a foreign concept. Unfortunately, it is rarely executed in an effective manner.

While tradition says to focus on monitoring the quality of agents' performance on the phone, it rarely drives businesses to focus on what truly matters: the customer experience.

Forgetting that performance metrics are important only insofar as they drive agents to create better experiences for customers, these businesses evaluate quality from a fundamentally flawed perspective.

What they need to do is monitor and evaluate what customers are experiencing. And thanks to this training briefing, which was developed in conjunction with a presentation by Bombardier Aerospace's Lanny Schindelmeiser, they will have a blueprint for getting started.

From a marketplace discussion, to a proven case example, to action plans, to processes for benchmarking performance, to methods of sustaining call center success, this Briefing is your ticket to a more customer-centric, more successful call center.

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