Call Center IQ Presents: 2014 Call Center Executive Priorities Report

Virtually all executives talk endlessly about customer-centricity. Many invest millions into their customer management endeavors. Yet when push comes to shove, call centers continue to underperform and customers are left in an ongoing state of dissatisfaction.

Given that cruel reality, the mere fact that 68% of businesses will increase customer service spending in 2014 is not enough to put customer experience concerns to rest. Caring about the customer experience is not the answer. Spending on the customer experience is not the answer.

In order to finally achieve success, businesses need to assure they are caring about the right tenets of the customer experience and investing in the right call center technologies and strategies.

Based on extensive, proprietary research into the marketplace, Call Center IQ's 2014 Call Center Executive Priorities Report, uncovers whether that will happen in 2014.

After dissecting what matters to businesses in 2014, the report investigates how businesses plan to achieve those objectives -- and whether their strategies and purchasing decisions will be enough to get the job done. It then offers best practices and guidance for making 2014 the year in which customer service investment translates into improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenue.

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