Call Center Recruiting: The Keys to Candidate Sourcing

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Few call center managers would argue with this simple reality: Identifying the right call center representatives is one of the single most significant drivers of call center performance.

But identifying the right call center representatives can be problematic. Tapping into labor markets that yield enough qualified applicants to meet call center staffing targets is inherently challenging and proves to be a constant "moving target" given that labor markets are continuously in flux with companies competing for top candidates.

The challenge is further exacerbated by the fact that in most cases the call center finds it difficult to effectively screen candidates or lack the resources to screen all call center applicants thoroughly. These challenges are closely interrelated, and a recruiting strategy that effectively solves them is the veritable grail of call center recruiting and is a significant driver of optimal call center performance.

In our grass roots research and evaluations of call center labor markets, and the best practices associated with attracting and assessing top performing call center representatives, we have identified a methodology that allows call center recruiters and operations executives to significantly improve their ability to attract and hire top call center representatives.

Utilizing extensive primary industry research, coupled with scientific evaluations of local labor markets and the corresponding impact on call center performance, this paper provides a framework that can be applied to any labor market in order to optimize call center effectiveness at attracting top performing call center representatives–and maximizing its call center human capital.

In doing so, this paper will explore the many elements that contribute to call center representative sourcing challenges, identify potential solutions for each of these elements and offer a perspective on crafting and executing on a clear sourcing strategy for the call center.