Contact Center Metrics Scorecard

Successfully transforming the contact center is not merely about adopting a customer-centric mindset: it is about acting. To assure that action is effective, businesses must identify their current gaps – and implement plans to bridge them. Here is a look at how contact centers are currently performing against key metrics and where they plan to focus their efforts in 2015.

The product of Call Center IQ’s annual "Future Contact Center" research, the infograph answers the following questions:

  • Are "efficiency metrics" like average handle time and average speed of answer truly out of fashion in contact centers?
  • Customer management thought leaders routinely tout the importance of CSat and customer effort score, but have businesses truly improved performance against those metrics?
  • Will businesses focus more on operational efficiency or resolution/call quality in 2015?
  • Which metrics represent the greatest weak spots for today’s contact centers? Will they remain weak by the end of next year?
  • How effectively are businesses performing in social and self-service channels?
  • Are contact centers successfully converting interactions into revenue?

Download Call Center IQ's contact center metrics scorecard below: