5 People We Love to Follow

Social media is changing the way we treat our customer service capabilities and giving companies more opportunities to reach, and communicate with, their customers. It also gives us a chance to hear from CX leaders all over the world and take in some of the incredible advice they have to share as well as the reading material they are finding inspiration from.

There is no shortage of leaders in this space on Twitter. At CCW Digital, we follow a large number of these influencers and have certainly benefited from both their insights and content. The Internet has compiled countless lists of best CX leaders to follow on Twitter and I certainly recommend you give them a read but I thought I’d share the Top 5 follows on the CCW Digital Twitter feed. These are experts and professionals whom we follow and enjoy very much. We try to share as much of their content as possible so be sure to follow us @CCW_Digital  

Top 5 CCW Digital Twitter Follows:

  1. Mike Aoki @MikeAoki
    As a Sales & Customer Service trainer, Mike has practiced what he preaches in his profile description by making every conversation count. He has shared a number of popular (and aesthetically pleasing) infographics, including “5 Big Call Center Mistakes,” “The States of Customer Service in a Consumer Driven Market,” and “The Customer is King,” which featured eye opening statistics regarding how much money your company is losing due to poor customer service. He retweets memes with inspirational quotes and his #WednesdayWisdom is always a great midweek pick-me-up and he shares what he feels is important content for his followers on a daily basis

  2. Kristen Guthrie @MarketingMite 
    We were honored to have Kristen as a speaker at our Call Center Week Online this past June. Kristen spoke on the “Anatomy of a Customer-Centric Culture,” which follows her passion for both psychology and marketing. Two notable content pieces we especially enjoyed were “The Three CX Epiphanies that will Drive New Thinking in CX” and “Is Management of the Digital Experiences Lost on CX Pros?” However, another passion found in her tweets is common CX mistakes made in the age of the customer. Her posts share why certain strategies are failing businesses and alienating customers but fear not: solutions are found inside as well.

  3. Dr. Jason Price @PricePerrott 
    Our top 5 list goes international to New Zealand with Dr. Jason Price who is not only a great follow on Twitter, but he is also a Call Center IQ contributor. Jason shares, on a daily basis, the latest contact center global news from his blog, an excellent way to benchmark your CX efforts. 

  4. Colin Taylor TRG @Colinsataylor 
    While also a great follow on Twitter, Colin has been a consistent poster on the Call Center IQ LinkedIn group as well. A Call Center, Customer Service and Customer Experience Consultant, Colin is a self proclaimed “Chief Chaos Officer” who dissects the current issues in the industry and shares his solutions. One common theme you will find in his sharing is Customer Loyalty and the mistakes many companies are making. While we may perceive customer loyalty to be one thing, there is a lot of reading material that suggests we are looking in the wrong areas and actually pushing our customers away.

  5. Darren Prine @DarrenPrine 
    Darren has long been a favorite of ours and a source for cloud technology and omni-channel content. Not only is his content, and the content he shares, important, but it is also always timely and topical. For example, at the end of October Darren shared a Halloween themed blog from Fusionblog titled “Halloween Special: How To Get Rid Of These 3 Types Of Walking Dead Call Center Employees?” Darren has also live tweets customer care events he attends, a great source of information for those interested but unable to attend. We enjoy most of his “Best Practices” pieces. It's about dealing with angry customers, building the ultimate customer journey mapcustomer management interaction and so much more.

These are just 5 of the thousands we follow on Twitter and I will continue to highlight those who tweet valuable content. In the meantime, I encourage you to give these 5 a follow to stay up to date with the challenges and solutions facing the contact center and customer experience world today.