#3 in the Call Center Power Player Panel Series: IVR A Help Or a Hindrance?

Blake Landau

Most times we think we are better drivers than we actually are. We also tend to believe the customer experience provided by our IVR technology is much better than it actually is.

Your customers want to talk. But have we stopped answering the phone? Are the cost savings of IVR (interactive voice response) too good to be true?

The third in the call center power player panel series, these Customer Management IQ call center futurists address the challenges versus benefits of IVR technology. Hear from Jo'Ann Alderson, President of Progressive Communications, author of Connecting in a Faceless World, Glenn Pasch, President of Improved Performance Solutions and thirdly Emily Yellin, author of Your Call Is (Not That) Important to Us.

IVR, once the magic pill to save money in the call center, is now the subject of much debate. In 2009 alone we spent more than two and a half billion dollars on speech recognition technology—so it must be valuable for the industry, right? No not necessarily--customer satisfaction is still at an all-time low.

Here is what we know! It costs $7.50 for a live human being to answer the phone versus $2.30 for an outsourced human being to answer the phone versus .35 cents for the IVR to answer the phone.

It’s hard to ignore these savings--but do the dollars saved with IVR come with a hidden price for your brand?

Our power player call center panel addresses the latest facts and findings on the value of IVR. Unearth the truth on the appropriate use of customer self-service technology in additing to replacing humans with call center technology.

In this panel find hear perspective on the cost vs. benefit analysis of IVR.