Digital Engagement Is About Benefits, Not Sacrifices; Interview With United Way of SC CEO

Business leaders sometimes position cost-consciousness and customer centricity as contrasting mindsets.

That does not need to be the case.

The ideal approach to omnichannel engagement, in fact, drives better customer experiences while reducing operating expenses.  Customers get the information they want where and how they want it, while the business more optimally allocates workflow between human agents and digital platforms.

Kelly Callahan Cruise, President and CEO for The United Way Association of South Carolina, explores this connection in an exclusive CCW Digital Interview.

Her organization may be a non-profit, but the stakes of the interactions are very significant.  Lives are on the line.

It is because of that reality - not despite it - that digital engagement offerings make sense for the United Way.  Costs are going down because digital channels are inherently cheaper, but the quality of the interactions is not being sacrificed.

Listen to the interview here!  And don't forget to check out Kelly's presentation at Customer Contact Week in New Orleans this January.