The Meaning is the Message: The End of Mad Men Push Advertising with Bob Gilbreath

Blake Landau

Today’s marketers realize they are fighting in a survival-of-the-fittest war. However marketing muscle no longer means push marketing—today’s fit marketer is creating and delivering value. Bob Gilbreath, Chief Marketing Strategist for Bridge Worldwide, describes a better way to do this in his new book The Next Evolution of Marketing: Connect With Customers by Marketing with Meaning.

When the economy went south too many marketers clamored for their old marketing text books. Their knee-jerk reaction was to return to dusty marketing equations.

Gilbreath steers us away from outdated techniques from "telling and selling" to relationship building and provides a roadmap for marketers.

Afraid of a "social media strategy"? Don’t fret. According to Gilbreath, you don’t need a full social media strategy. You need a strong business strategy coupled with social media options.

In this podcast Gilbreath gives key case studies showing innovation in marketing with meaning. He walks us through compelling marketing campaigns, such as the New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET). The MET had the business challenge of attracting tourists. To generate sales the MET launched a Web campaign that made tailored recommendations for visitors according to their customers’ Facebook pages.

The best way to use social media is to create value for people’s lives. Find out practical and innovative marketing ideas from one of the most forward-thinking marketers on how to create powerful marketing messages that provide value to your customers.