Driving Up Average Handle Time and Self-Service At Sabre Holdings

Posted: 04/20/2010

It might sound strange that an increased average handle time helped Sabre Holdings cut customer service costs. If you don’t believe us watch this video case study delivered by Jean Shaw, Vice President of GCSC for Sabre, a technology travel company.

Shaw oversees Sabre’s Uruguay based global call center operation in addition to two offshoots in Krakow and Athens. Her contact center provides service to 45 countries around the world.

In her case study, "The Evolution of a Global Service Center," delivered earlier this year in Florida at Call Center Summit, Shaw identifies how to take a customer service operation to the next level and implant a service model that makes "cents!"

In addition Shaw shares her success on a pay for service model.

Shaw shares her story of the evolution of a global customer service center. Identifying opportunities for customer self-service in addition to key tools contributed to a whopping 30 percent decrease in call volume.

In this video check out some of Sabre’s tools and methods for providing stellar customer service and cutting costs. Difficult problems are solved by the call center, driving up average handle time but improving specific agent product knowledge. Sabre’s call center successfully fielded one million and a half calls last year.

This is better for the customer, the company and the call center representative who feel more valuable as their knowledge and value accrues.

Call center agents are set on a career path so they can put their knowledge base to work for Sabre—this includes marketing and other key areas of the business. Did you ever think to train your agents in writing? Well this is the new reality of a multi-channel contact center. The most efficient channel is web call back. When call center agents get the customers on the phone the agent already knows the steps the customer has taken.

Shaw is responsible for successfully implementing multiple call center channels in a global environment. Shaw’s case study illustrates the importance of focusing on more than just the inbound call center including chat, email and web call-back. Customers need a variety of choices when they encounter a customer service problem. Find out how your call center can also improve its level of service through smarter processes, management and training.

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