Talking Down Stressed Tax Filers Through Social Media

Posted: 06/13/2011

Tim Bechtold, Senior Director of Business Support Services at Jackson Hewitt, joined CMIQ to share the outline of his company's new social media program.

Talking Down Stressed Tax Filers Through Social Media

One might imagine that working a tax preparation company might draw the unfiltered social media ire of stressed clients during tax season. Jackson Hewitt is addressing these rants head on, rolling out a social media engagement program recently.

Tim Bechtold, Jackson Hewitt's Senior Director of Business Support Services, recently joined CMIQ after his keynote presentation at the 3rd Annual Customer Experience Summit to disucss how his company has used social media to its advantage. The company has developed a robust social media engagement program to connect with a variety of customers seeking disparate results.

The affable and dry-humored Bechtold shared some of the social media challenges Jackson Hewitt has faced and the lessons learned during the implementation of Hewitt's new program. He gave insight into crafting a program that can handle multiple types of customers and offered a few predictions for how the social customer will change in the coming year.