14 Key Findings About The Omni-Channel Contact Center

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The "omni-channel revolution" has created numerous questions for contact center and customer experience professionals. Call Center IQ is ready to provide some answers!

Driven by our 2015 omni-channel survey and commentary from experts, CCIQ has developed our 2015 Executive Report on the Omni-Channel Contact Center. In advance of that report, CCIQ is proud to share our Key Research Findings.

Questions answered in "14 Key Findings About The Omni-Channel Contact Center" include:

  • Are businesses truly committed to the omni-channel revolution?
  • What does omni-channel even mean?
  • What makes a contact center an "omni-channel" one? What is the ideal role of the contact center in an omni-channel world?
  • To what extent are businesses successfully creating those omni-channel contact centers?
  • Are customers satisfied? Does the voice of the customer impact omni-channel strategy?
  • Which channels are most important? In which channels do businesses provide the best service?
  • How is the role of the contact center agent changing?