Stop Wasting Your Call Center Agents' Time

Believing there to be a reverse correlation between prioritizing customer satisfaction and contact center efficiency, far too many businesses refuse to adopt a customer-centric mindset.

But even worse than the error of that assertion—successful organizations know improving customer satisfaction is one of the surest means of growing the business—is the fact that many of these bottom-line-oriented contact centers are presently enduring a crippling inefficiency.

As articulated in Intradiem’s complimentary whitepaper "Managing Your Contact Center Like a Basketball Team," many of today’s customer service departments run like baseball teams. Rather than assuring a constant flow of action (and interaction) that maximizes efficiency and value for both the business and the customer, agents are left standing as they wait for the ball to eventually come their way.

In this exclusive podcast, Intradiem CEO Matt McConnell reveals why so many contact centers are falling victim to this mistaken mindset and how they can transition into the more-efficient "basketball" mindset.

As McConnell identifies broken contact center processes in today’s multi-channel environment, he reveals the corrective management strategies and technologies that will not only improve productivity but also reverse the center’s history of high agent attrition.

And regardless of whether your directive is to focus explicitly on revenue or customer satisfaction, an initiative that results in more engaged and pro-company agents more efficiently interacting with customers is an unequivocal positive.

Check out "Managing Your Contact Center Like a Basketball Team," a free whitepaper from McConnell's Intradiem, here at Customer Management IQ.