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10 Great CX & Leadership Quotes From GM, Microsoft, Ashley HomeStore, Method & More

CCW Digital

Have you been enjoying the CCW Digital Podcast?  If you're not, you're missing some of the most engaging, insightful discussions in customer management.  Not formal "interviews," these fantastic discussions give you a look behind the curtain -- at the personalities and philosophies of the most innovative and successful executives in the CX space.
Not sure where to get started?  We compiled some of our favorite quotes from the first fourteen episodes.  You can listen to each full episode below -- or by visiting our official podcast page.
Bill Ashton, The Honest Company
"Jessica Alba comes into the office every day.  She's the 'why' person ... I'm the 'how' person."
Peter Paluzi, Carhartt
"It's about understanding ... what is it that the customer is demanding ... it's about on-time delivery, flexibility, variety, choice; it's about the experience."
Mark Buchanan, Cisco
"We had to understand what the audience for that product cared about ... and how to connect with those people quickly."
Sue Martin, New Egg
"Looking back, people feel that if they're not part of the reward program, they're not going to be treated as well ... which is different than 'be part of my reward program because I value you.'"
Susie Deveault, Transat
"They have to live the change every week, every day, every minute ... it's a very special person in the call center."
Jeremy Bruno, Method
"The consumer wants convenience, they want something that they feel comfortable and safe with ... they want something that they're proud to display."
Hilary Hahn, Frontier Communications
"We like to be agile and perceptive about what the customer is saying ... and think about time in customer time."
Ted Graham, GM
"Can we take the commute that most people find as drudgery ... and change the whole model into a brand new experience?"
Gene Lunger, Ashley HomeStore
"My retirement plan is to die in an avalanche."
Jerry Roberts, Microsoft
"Ron Johnson gave me advice; there are a lot of good leaders ... but there are fewer great leaders who also get great results."