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Jeanne Bliss On Humanity In An Era Of Digital Customer Experiences

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Jeanne Bliss

Her new book is called “Would You Do That To Your Mother?”  Her previous best-seller features the title “I Love You More Than My Dog."

It should, accordingly, come as no surprise that Jeanne Bliss values the role of humanity in the customer experience.

But how is that role changing in the era of the digital customer experience?  As leaders strive for low-effort experiences and interactions move to low-touch channels (as well as self-service platforms), is a deep human connection still relevant, let alone worthwhile?

Bliss tackles these questions in an exclusive interview with CCW Digital.  Throughout the conversation, she details several examples of how brands – including your own – can successfully navigate the balance between personalization and simplicity, as well as humanity and technology. 

Listen to the interview below: