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Podcast: Citizens Bank On The Power Of Listening In The Contact Center

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New CCW Digital Podcast featuring Cheryl China of Citizens Bank

If you want to succeed as a customer contact leader, you need to listen.

Listen closely to customers.  Join specific calls whenever possible -- and make broader voice of the customer analysis a pivotal priority.

Do not, however, merely listen to customers.  As a leader, you must also listen intently to fellow team members.  "Internal" listening comes in two forms.

It involves listening to what agents want.  What are their needs, wants, expectations, challenges, perspectives and ideas?  By paying close attention to the voice of your agents, you build better connections and more respect.

It also involves listening to how agents perform.  By monitoring (or encouraging mid-level supervisors to monitor) calls on a frequent, yet unpredictable basis, you send the message that all interactions matter.

For more insight into the art of listening, you can, well, listen to the new CCW Digital podcast with Cheryl China of Citizens Bank.