Q&A: Beachbody On Handling Customer Escalations, Inspiring Agent Development

Brian Cantor

The contact center can be challenging. Customers can be emotional -- and even hostile. New systems and processes can be difficult. Performance objectives can be daunting.

For many, however, it represents an immensely rewarding profession. It provides a chance to connect with people, both inside and outside of the organization. It provides an opportunity to play a visible role in a brand's growth.

As someone who rose up the ranks in a customer-facing environment, Cory Kreeck has first-hand knowledge of the hardships (and rewards) of the contact center. Now the Group Vice President, People Operations for Beachbody, Kreeck uses his knowledge to optimize training, improve culture, drive performance and inspire personal growth.

He will be presenting his perspective at the 2019 CCW Nashville, but you will not have wait until then to hear his insights. He joins the CCW Speaker Spotlight Series for an in-depth discussion about handling escalations and driving agent development. He also answers some questions about his own preferences and inspirations.