Toll Brothers Director On Fostering A Singular Culture In A World Of Dispersed Employees

Brian Cantor

Today's contact center agents are from different generations and locations, and they may possess wildly different preferences.  They are responsible for different contact channels, and may even report to different departments.  They work in different offices, and sometimes even report from the comfort of their homes.

Collectively, these factors reflect a clear reality: employees are diverse and dispersed.

Given that reality, how can leaders cultivate a singular culture?  How can they empower employees to consistently and accurate represent the brand, while demonstrating customer centricity and hitting their key metrics?

In this in-depth discussion, Kendal Jolly of Toll Brothers (and formerly of the Disney Institute) shares a myriad of advice, best practices and guidance for overcoming this pivotal customer contact challenge.

The interview was recorded as part of the CCW Nashville Speaker Spotlight Series; Jolley will be part of the event faculty.