Wells Fargo On Embracing Change In The Customer Experience

Heather Magaha

Whether their organizations are setting records or dealing with rough patches, great leaders know never to rest on their laurels.  They know not to assume success will persist without obstacles.  They definitely know that merely hoping for better days is not enough to bring periods of challenge to an end.

The best leaders and organizations remain hungry, ambitious, and versatility.  They are not simply willing to change -- they are always looking for ways to improve on the status quo.

This pro-change mentality is particularly important in a customer experience context.  Because customer demands are constantly changing, agility is necessary to survive.

The notion of competing on the customer experience, moreover, compounds the importance of overcoming inertia.  If an organization takes its foot off the gas, a competitor can step up -- and steal the success.

Wells Fargo SVP Heather Magaha discusses the pro-change mentality in the latest CCW Digital podcast.  Listen below: