What It Really Means To Unify The Customer Experience

Brian Cantor

"Unifying the organization around the customer experience" epitomizes the  notion of a cliche within the customer contact space.

Familiarity with the rhetoric is not, however, translating into construction of the right framework.

Creating a connected, unified customer experience is about more than instilling an organization-wide belief in "customer centricity."  It is about tying all endeavors to a clear sense of purpose.  It is knowing why certain actions are being taken.

Rather than evaluating agent engagement or knowledge management as disparate concepts, truly customer-centric organizations think about how they synergize.

This may seem daunting for a business community notorious for silos, but it does not have to be that challenging.  Once an organization understands its overall purpose, it can make intelligent decisions about factors like hiring, training, metrics, technology purchases, and everything in between.

Nate Brown, a speaker at CCW Nashville, discusses this connection concept in the latest CCW Digital podcast.