Ain't No Call Center Gonna Hold Me Down

Stop approaching the call center as a game of limitations trade-offs.

When managed correctly, today’s multi-channel center can be a limitless producer of business benefit. It can achieve customer satisfaction. It can drive revenue. And it can deliver all of its positives while remaining optimally efficient and productive.

But when businesses misunderstand the nature of the contact center and how agents fit into the environment, they impose artificial limitations on one—if not at all—of the potential benefits. They create a disconnect between strategy and the voice of the customer. They miss out on sales opportunities. They detach agents from the corporate structure and spur massive attrition.

Luckily, those strategies for effectively managing a multi-faceted, multi-channel contact center are not fictitious. They are not mythical. Rather, they are the subject of today’s Customer Management IQ podcast with Dennis Fitzgerald, a speaker at the 8thCall Center Summit and the vice president of customer satisfaction for Yaskawa America.

One of 1-to-1’s 2011 "Customer Champions," Fitzgerald knows how to make the call center a valuable business instrument that simultaneously creates revenue and satisfaction. He shares that today—and will reveal more at the event. Download the agenda: