Assessing Personality Traits: Personalizing Your Customer Service, Part II

With a very-educated customer base that can be deliberate in its interactions, Baylor Health Care System knows that generic customer support will not be sufficient.

Instead, it focuses greatly on assessing personality traits—a strategy it believes will first produce happier, more engaged call center representatives before, ultimately, creating a better customer experience.

In part one of the video interview with, Baylor’s Tonya Choate explained how customer service leaders can benefit by mapping the personality traits of their organization. In part two, Carol Ferguson, corporate manager, explains how recognizing the spectrum of personality types can boost the customer experience.

Baylor roots acknowledgement of the various personality types in its recruiting process. Once it has a customer service workforce that reflects and understands the myriad of personalities, it can initiate training that reduces employee stress and, quickly, creates a scenario in which reps can identify the personality of customers in just fifteen seconds.

Watch Ferguson discuss her insights now!

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