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CCW Speaker Spotlight Series: Interview with Julio Badin

Julio Badin is the SVP of CX at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

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Kindra Cooper

Airport customer experience

At an airport, there are countless touchpoints that each individual passenger goes through, from parking to check-in to security to food, to waiting at the gate. How do you architect a good customer journey when there are so many touchpoints — and different vendors/stakeholders that interface with customers at each touchpoint?

Julio Badin, SVP of CX at Dallas Fort-Worth International, discusses how his team of CX experts monitors passenger flows night and day to anticipate customer needs, from providing food and blankets when a flight is delayed to ensuring passengers have all the information they need to find their way through the airport.

At the CCW Executive Exchange in Miami this March,
Badin will discuss the role of data in CX and how to lead a team with a shared vision.