Podcast: Innovation at Amazon with Head of UX Research & Design, Meghan Borsic

Kindra Cooper

Amazon user experience

How do you become the largest e-commerce company in the entire world? User experience design.

Amazon is constantly experimenting and rolling out new features that put the customer first, experimenting with same-day delivery, drones, and even brick-and-mortar stores.

Meghan Borsic, Head of UX Research & Design for Consumer Electronics at Amazon talks innovation and why some organizations aren't able to sustain it.

"Innovation is giving the customer what they need before they know they need it," says Borsic. "Too often in this industry, people confuse innovation with technology. Some of our most innovative work is not the most high-tech but the most original." 

Megan will be presenting 'Incubation Innovation' at Experience Design Week in Denver, CO, from February 25-27, 2019.