Podcast: How 7-Eleven Uses Experience Design to Transform the Retail Experience

Kindra Cooper

Experience design 7-Eleven

UX designers Benjamin Judy and Lily Bather discuss how they're building the next generation of 7-Eleven digital products to transform convenience retail into an on-demand experience.

Lily is an interaction designer who is working to enhance the retail experience by crafting 7-Eleven’s next generation of software applications, like the 7NOW mobile app. Ben, meanwhile, leads the UX team at 7-Eleven from a one-man army into an 18-person operation in just four months.

Lily and Ben will be presenting 'Demystifying UX Strategy in Your Organization' at Experience Design Week in Denver, CO, from February 25-27, 2019.

What is experience design?

An experience designer’s job is to make technology easy to use. They observe and note customer pain and redesign the process to reduce customer effort.

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