How to Choose an Omnichannel Provider

Kindra Cooper

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What does it take to make the omnichannel experience a reality?

Given that it has been a customer contact discussion topic for years, one might think the answer is obvious at this point. One would be wrong. So much of the conversation is in broad strokes and therefore lacks specific insight into what “omnichannel” actually entails. More importantly, it lacks specific recommendations about how to construct and optimize the omnichannel contact center.

How To Choose An Omnichannel Provider puts an end to the ambiguity. After viewing omnichannel through the eyes of customers and agents, it reveals the specific strategic and technological factors to consider when building your omnichannel contact center. It even provides guidance on managing performance. 

Topics include:

  • Defining the omnichannel agent and customer experiences
  • 5 objectives for your omnichannel contact center
  • Real-world examples of omnichannel brand experiences
  • Top 2 factors when selecting an omnichannel provider
  • 7 must-have capabilities in today’s omnichannel world

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