Balancing Innovation & Quality in the Evolving Call Center Landscape

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In today’s rapidly-evolving call center environment, "innovation" is no longer a pipe dream for a select few call center outsourcers. If customer management success is what you crave, innovation must be the standard in measuring performance, building longstanding partnerships and delivering results 100% of the time.

Though innovation is the key ingredient for any call center outsourcer aiming to grow, gain sustainable advantages, and compete globally, it cannot be the only focus. At the foundation of a successful call center strategy must be a solid Quality program that standardizes, polices and establishes the means to consistently deliver best-in-class solutions, no matter where you’re located.

This quality journey will neither happen overnight nor be the same for every organization, but success absolutely hinges on the incorporation of innovative strategies for overcoming challenges in business intelligence and process improvement.

This webinar, hosted by Cecilia "Chilly" Lopez, will share what avenues refine--and must define--your Quality programs in meeting the changing landscape of the Contact Center & Outsourcing industry through Quality…today’s differentiator.