Want World-Class Customer Service? You Need a Good Story

Many of today’s customer management leaders are consumed by data.

They use metrics to quantify the performance of call center agents. They stress over the financial ROI demonstrated by customer experience initiatives. They, quite plainly, demand strategies and ideas be justified with numbers and measurements.

Scott Swift, vice president of consumer information for Hunter Douglas, questions the sufficiency of data and instead believes the key to customer service, both in terms of managing staff and engaging the actual audience, is in the ability to explain the data and its business implications.

In a video discussion with Call Center IQ, Swift explains, "We talk about the amount of contacts we get in a month and all the data that surrounds that…how do we make that real? How do we make that tangible?"

For Swift, "explaining" the data is not simply replacing the numbers with easier-to-understand numbers; rather, it is about storytelling—carving anecdotal, relatable narratives into the business dialogue.

Whether speaking to your customers, your front-line reps or your senior management, stories can provide legitimacy for call center strategies that previously only had grounding in lifeless Excel spreadsheets or text-heavy Powerpoint slideshows.

Will storytelling be the key to creating a successful customer experience in your organization? Swift provides insights in the latest Call Center IQ video.


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