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VoC Reporting Increases ROI, If Done Right

Cory Bennett

EMC, a leading technology solutions provider, is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to gathering, analyzing and reporting Voice of the Customer (VoC) data. Their methodologies were even awarded a patent since they were so unique. CMIQ recently spoke with Jim Bampos, vice president of customer quality at EMC about the evolution of his company's VoC data insights and how the methodology will progress in the coming year. Bampos broke down the details of the program and explained how to spot opportunities for increased ROI and growth opportunities. He also touched on EMC's practice of leveraging employe insights to boost employee engagement, morale and loyalty.

EMC's Jennifer Bodzinski, the director of Customer Quality at EMC, elaborated on these topics this week at the 3rd Annual Customer Experience Summit. Check back for a recap of that presentation and a video interview with Bodzinski after she finished her presentation.