Omnichannel Contact Center Assessment Quiz

Brian Cantor

By now, customer contact leaders surely understand the value of the omnichannel experience.  They understand the importance of creating a seamless, consistent experience across all channels.

But are they delivering it?  We recently shared an omnichannel assessment quiz in our Special Report on the Omnichannel Contact Center.  If you missed it - or simply wanted to reevaluate your organization's capabilities - retake it below:


Is your capable of delivering an omnichannel experience?

Insofar as omnichannel engagement represents a prerequisite to customer centricity, the answer to that question reveals whether your organization even has a chance of delivering a great experience for customers.

It reveals whether you stand a chance of building customer loyalty – and establishing competitive differentiation.

Mindful of the stakes, we wanted to help you answer the question. We are proud to offer an exclusive “omnichannel assessment tool.”

Customer View: Do your employees have access to a single “record” of a customer’s transaction/purchase/support history?

A) No

B) Only for certain channels

C) Yes

Seamlessness: Can customers move to a new channel without repeating information?

A) No

B) Only for certain channels

C) Only for certain issues

D) Yes

Seamlessness: Can customers quickly escalate from self-service to an agent-assisted channel?

A) No

B) Only for certain channels

C) Only for certain issues

D) Yes

Routing: Which best describes your routing capabilities?

A) Can only route customers within a single channel

B) Can route customers across a select set of channels

C) Can route customers across all channels

Collaboration: Can your employees/managers instantly collaborate and share data?

A) Only within the same contact channel

B) Only within the contact center

C) Only within certain departments

D) Yes, every employee is connected

Metrics: To what extent do you measure performance across channels?

A) Not at all – we only measure performance in a few channels

B) We use the same metrics for all channels

C) We use different metrics for each channel

D) We use blended metrics (some are universal, some are channel-specific)

Communication: Can employees and managers communicate with customers across different channels?

A) No – they are only able to communicate within one channel

B) They can communicate across a few channels

C) They can communicate across all channels

Desktop: On average, how many screens must an employee navigate in order to serve a customer?

A) 1

B) 2-4

C) More than 4

Scalability: Can you easily add new channels to your contact center environment?

A) No

B) Yes, but they wouldn’t be integrated

C) Yes, and they would be integrated

Analytics: Do you have real-time analytics in all contact channels?

A) No

B) Only in agent-assisted/conversational channels

C) Yes

Proactivity: Can you proactively engage with customers?

A) No

B) Only in select channels

C) In multiple channels / business decides when and where

D) In multiple channels / dynamic based on customer preference

Workforce: Which best describes your agents?

A) They are channel specialists

B) They cover a few channels

C) They interact in all channels

Workforce: Do your “subject matter experts” cover all channels?

A) No, they are only available in one or two channels

B) They are only available in a few channels

C) Yes, they interact in most or all channels