Salesforce's Keith Pearce: Make CX Your Differentiator In The Omnichannel World

  • CCW Digital Interview: Salesforce
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Introducing the CCW Digital Executive Interview Series.

Everyone knows the importance of the customer experience.  The leaders featured in the CCW Digital Executive Interview Series have taken the action – and reaped the rewards.  Get an inside look at how they did it, including the technology they used, strategies they employed and even the mistakes they made on their journeys to customer experience excellence.

Today's Guest: Keith Pearce, Salesforce
We’re told customer experience is the last great differentiator, but what does it take to actually achieve a competitive advantage in today's omnichannel world?  By discussing trends in customer expectations and technology, Keith Pearce, the VP of marketing for Salesforce Service Cloud, paints a picture of a customer experience that will put your company at the top of the totem pole.


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