What Does Agent Engagement Entail In The Automation Age? Comcast Weighs In

Brian Cantor

Given the well-documented connection between the agent and customer experiences, it is doubtfully surprising that Comcast takes employee engagement seriously.  It is doubtfully surprising that Comcast established the role of "SVP, Customer Experience Workforce Alignment" for HR veteran Mel Penna.

What may be surprising -- and is certainly compelling -- is the way Comcast is approaching CX workforce development.

While agent satisfaction and retention are of the utmost importance to Comcast, the workforce strategy is not one of soft "engagement."  It is a holistic, nuanced strategy that accounts for culture, day-to-day performance and long-term development.  It is one that asks how the organization can give agents what they need to feel comfortable, perform better, connect with customers, and take part in Comcast's long-term evolution.

Quite importantly in today's marketplace, it is also one that accounts for the role of technology.  It considers how Comcast, by virtue of integrating bots, AI and connected technology into its experience, is transforming agent workflow.  It also considers how back-office tools and systems can make agents better at their jobs.

Mel Penna will be exploring this multi-faceted approach to workforce empowerment at the CCO Exchange.  Ahead of the event, she shared insights as part of the CCW Speaker Spotlight Series.

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