Podcast: Citi On Letting Voice of the Customer CX Drive Strategy

"[A customer] came on and [offered] phenomenal feedback...about some of the crazy things that we were doing that you justify from a business perspective and say, 'We'll tolerate that level of fallout or failure.' Whenever you looked at it from a customer point of view, it didn't feel so okay anymore."

In that quote, Citi Michelle Brigman reveals the importance of an outside-in, customer-centric perspective.

When assessing customer experience journeys on their own, businesses are limited to a high-level, impersonal perspective.  They know what is technically going right or wrong with the experience, but they can't fully appreciate the stakes of those issues.  They can't fully appreciate how those issues make customers feel.

The voice of the customer helps them do that -- and therefore represents the pivotal component of customer experience strategy.  Organizations need to find out what is working and not working for customers, and then leverage processes and systems to optimize the experience - in real-time - based on that insight.

Brigman discusses this approach in the new CCW Digital Podcast, which you can enjoy below: