Podcast: Suzanne Henricksen Discusses Her Journey At Clorox

Suzanne Henricksen was senior director of insights and consumer affairs.

Suzanne Henricksen's tenure at Clorox began a decade ago.  The company culture was an immediate fit, but her first assignments involved brands that were outside her personal wheelhouse.

But while she may not have had an enormous personal connection to the brands, she fell in love with the process of understanding the brands, their customers, and creating alignment between the two.

That emphasis on market research and intelligence powered Henricksen to a leadership role.

It also expanded to include an emphasis on customer service.  Her executive team was looking for a way to generate more value out of the contact center, and Henricksen's consumer insights prowess made her a great candidate for the initiative.

She discusses this journey in the new CCW Digital podcast.  Listen below.