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Verizon On Using Today's Customer Interactions To Solve Tomorrow's Problems

Brian Cantor

Even the most convenient, friendly and resolute customer service interaction still requires some customer effort and thus drives some degree of frustration.

A truly customer-centric organization, therefore, works to eliminate the need for support interactions.

In working to proactively address issues before they turn into customer service chats or calls, winning organizations leverage actionable insights from past conversations.  By understanding what customers really want, how customers really feel and why they choose to connect in a certain fashion, the organization can do more than respond to their inquiries:  it can eliminate future issues.

Verizon is one such organization, and at the 2018 CCW Austin this past October, the company's sales chat operations consultant shared how his company is diving deep into chats to create a better overall experience.

Jim Iyoob of Etech, which is helping Verizon to uncover these valuable insights, also participates in the lively and informative conversation.

The interview is below.  For more on live chat, you can also access our new special report.