The UPC Story: An Interview with Customer Experience Exchange Speaker Andre Vermaat at UPC

Andre Vermaat is the Customer Care Operations Director at UPC, a provider of bundled cable television, Internet and telephone services to countries such as the Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

In this podcast, Vermaat spills the secrets of what UPC is up to, including how UPC went from a customer service nightmare to an award winning customer-focused organization.

Four years ago UPC had a terrible reputation, so management decided to make a change. They set out to focus exclusively on the customer experience in their customer strategy to become the gold standard in customer service. Now UPC is an award-winning benchmark in the Netherlands for call center management.

Part of this change was an overhaul on their traditional management structure. Now call center representatives are measured through the KPI of customer service. The web-care team and the call center team are held to high performance standards all focused on solving the customer’s needs.

Find out more about how UPC turned its reputation around! Gain tools and methodologies to develop your Web-care team to assist with customer-to-customer and employee-to-customer interaction.