Checklist For Successfully Going Global with Your Contact Center

Sabre’s Jean Shaw, the 2011 Call Center Leader of the Year, believes wholeheartedly in the value of consolidating global contact centers into a single location.

"Whenever you run multi-location contact centers, it’s highly inefficient," explains Shaw in an exclusive video with "Both from a consistent customer support mechanism as well as just being able to implement hardware and processes across the globe."

Her company was a pioneer in moving its Center to Uruguay, considered a Greenfield location. Home to very good customer service skills and located conveniently for supporting Sabre’s customer base, of which 53% is from North and Latin America, Uruguay represented a great fit.

And, since it is running a consolidated corporate call center, rather than using outsourced customer service, Sabre retains full control over the culture and business processes followed by its customer support staff.

"While I know that there are many companies that are successfully outsourcing, we value our customer service in such a way that outsourcing was not an option for us," says Shaw. "We needed the employees to be part of our company and part of our culture."

Still, relocating contact centers to a global base is not a fool-proof strategy. In this CMIQ exclusive, Shaw reveals her six-point checklist for assessing the value and risk of a global contact center destination.


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