Discover Financial's Tips on Elite Customer Feedback Practices

Posted: 06/28/2011

Clint Morley, Vice President of Customer Service and engagement of Discover Financial Services, talked to CMIQ about how Discover collects customer feedback and draws actionable insights.

Discover Financial's Tips on Elite Customer Feedback Practices

Discover Financial Services prides itself on its customer feedback monitoring practices. Clint Morley, vice president of customer service and engagement, was a keynote speaker at the recent 12th Annual Call Center Week. His presentation, "Achieving World-Class Performance – Why the Customer’s Voice is the One True Judge of Service," addressed Discover’s customer feedback strategy in its contact center.

Morley joined CMIQ after his presentation to expand on his company’s program and also suggest some best practices for both large and small companies’ customer feedback programs.

Morley emphasized that a feedback program doesn’t haven’t to be sophisticated. Simply asking your agents to track feedback throughout the day and holding a weekly focus group with them is a surprisingly effective method of gathering feedback. Within each group of agents, simply designating a customer advocate can generate leadership, teamwork and investment in monitoring customer feedback.

A company must know what to do with the information gathered once assembled, however. Morley shared some of Discover’s practices for noticing trends and generating actionable insights from the piles of data accumulated.

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